Cheap Europe Holidays: Where to Go for a Cheap Holiday in Spain

Cheap Europe Holidays: Where to Go for a Cheap Holiday in Spain


Everyone travels to the popular cities and holiday resort destinations when they go to Spain: Places like Madrid, Barcelona, Benidorm, Costa Del Sol and so on… But if you go a little off the beaten summer holidays 2021 track and if you do not follow the crowds then you can save money so that you can have a great cheap holiday in Spain.

When it comes to saving money when looking for a holiday, it does not mean that you have to find the cheapest flights and it does not mean that you have to stay in a shack or camp up a mountain. In fact, one of the greatest secrets to finding a cheap holiday to Spain is going off the beaten track, visiting the local’s restaurants and supporting the local trades.

For example, if you visit one of the top holiday resorts or if you travel to Madrid, Barcelona or Seville, you will find yourself paying over the odds for a simple can of drink. Prices such as £3.00, £4.00 maybe even £5.00. But if you travel to one of the more remote Spanish towns, you could pay under £1.00.

So what towns are suggested you visit to have a cheap holiday in Spain:

• Cadaques – Very close to Barcelona where you can find the Dali house but far cheaper to eat out and far cheaper to drink out. And it’s also one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

• Stiges – Like Cadaques, it is close to Barcelona, in fact, only a one hour trip via train but far cheaper and empty beautiful beaches.

• Benicasim – If you are going to Spain to see Spain as opposed to tattooed Brits and lager louts, then Benicasim is the one place you want to go. Pure Spain!

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